Telemetry Systems


Telemetry Systems

GML Electronics produces a wide range of remote telemetry transponders. These transponders are micro processor based "rear ends" for our range of signal and data processing units.

These telemetry modules provide users access by ethernet, wireless,serial, optic, Short Message Service or modem interface. Most common protocols are available as are customer specific encrypted / password protection for sensitive data.

Here at GML we have, over many years, produced and installed data telemetry in a wide range of environments ranging from aircraft to paper factories and custom monitoring for major Telco companies.

Our range includes pressure, temperature and process control signalling for production use. Our range of in house developments include marine and remote location monitoring by SMS notification either to customers mobile or to our web based view systems.

Our products are manufactured to the highest standards of design and workmanship which is reflected in our generous warranty. All our software is written in-house and as such can be customised without delay.

Responsive field support is available for all our products.

If you are operating at a remote site inquire as to how we can streamline your data requirements!