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In our production complex we provide many of our own services to facilitate our own line being brought to production. Some of these services are available to outside Companies to allow teh rapid seamless expansion of services and expert staff. We are able to offer many of our services rebranded. Our completed work is our recommendation. We are happy to show what we can do .

Some of the services we offer

PCB layout design and small batch runs of single and multi layer boards icluding plated through holes reflow and solder masking.

Circuit development and design from your specifications of either input, output or process required.

Network design and dimensioning of all types. IP, Serial (RS485/22/232) m MODBUS, USB or our own GBus.

Mechanical engineering services. Including CNC turning, machining, most types of welding and mechanical design.

Display panels painted, etched, machined in Mylar, aluminium or plastics. Company logos reproduced on your own brand equipment

Competant PC / Server design and implimentation in Linux, Unix or Windows

Our inhouse Engineers can write requirement specif software in Assembly, Pascal, BASIC, C, C++, Delphi, Tk / TCL. We write for most targets from PIC, AVR, Intel to PC and Servers. High reliabilty software suitable for process supervision.

We quote without obligation. If our finished products don't do as you ask then we expect NO Payment. If we can't make it work then it's FREE. GML takes the risk NOT our customers.

Sales and support :

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