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Microprocess or Control systems

GML has been a long time user and developer of embedded microprocessor systems. We have established an expertise in many fileds.

.6800, Z80core, 8086, 66HC11 etc

.MEL PIC microprocessors

.AVR microprocessors

Our extensive in house rapid development systems allow a short time to market. This coupled to our own PCB production facilities provide extremely short times for small product runs or prototyping services.

Our specialities incude precision Analog signal data processing and the interfacing of these distributed modules with our C++ software suites for control and monitoring. We are able to provide data transfer by USB, Serial, Modbus, I2C which directly interface with our task specific software or input to customers systems such as Databases and Office suites.


Recent projects:

Large scale autoclave control and monitoring systems

-Software suit, USB interface, Mechanical design and constructions

Digital Load testing system

-PC software interface, serial interface of digital load weighing systems. Nata approved and standardised. For safety equipment manufacture and tourism industry system checking



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